Sunday, February 23, 2014

Perfectly Noodle-shaped Noses and New Glasses

Boys are gross. Adorable and wonderful and all of those things.....but weird and gross. Okay maybe just because it's different from what I'm used to....but still....pretty weird.
I went to the gym late the other night. Tanner insisted that he would be fine getting the kids fed, bathed and to bed. Perhaps he could sense my pending meltdown? Anyway...I ran my little heart out, turned my phone back on to see this. My sons face on my facebook feed. He'd stored some of his dinner up his nose and Daddy noticed it post bath while diapering the little Houdini. He, of course, took a picture and posted in on facebook, sparking a legendary response and a plethora of suggestions and opinions. It was heartwarming, alarming, hilarious and utterly embarrassing all at the same time.....Rather than calling me, Tanner thought he'd go about it on his own....I'm not sure exactly what methods were trialed and that is mostly because i specifically don't want to know. When I got home to a semi-worried-yet-strangely-proud Daddy and an ecstatically proud-up-way-too-late baby I whipped out my needle nose tweezers, slipped them all the way up through the hole to the distal end of the noodle and extracted it without too much difficulty. All that extracting ticked Talon off a little and he started crying and nose running and out of the OTHER nostril comes a completely intact cheerio. I kid you not. Boys. Are. Weird. And cute :)

This little beauty FINALLY got her glasses (we waited 10 days...the equivalent of 10 years to a 6 year old) She likes the 'Hello Kitties' da best.  She wore them all day to church and kept taking them off and saying things like, "I never knew I couldn't see good" and "Mom! The trees have guys on them!" Thanks to a Kindergarten eye screening, we discovered her lack of adequate vision....she never once said anything about not being able to see. Poor thing had a correction of 1.5 in both eyes right off the bat. Thank the Cahoon genes for that! She is loving them and says she feels like a teenager when she wears them :)
Love these kiddos!


Annalysha said...

I love you! You are one of my favorite people! I love reading everything you post!

SingleMommy130 said... Please follow me!

CaysieB said...

Well, butter my butt and call me bread! I've found you! I ran across some of your letters the other day that we used to exchange after you moved from AZ.
Email me. Let's catch up!

Casey Baker